Crypto Trading Systems Workshop

April 2024! 
Crypto Trading Systems Workshop.

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Workshop Dates in 2024:

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Note: the extra time between the workshop is for you to review the systems to help you get the most from the next day of training.

Times: 9:00 am ET - approximately 5:00 pm ET. End time will vary depending upon the progression of each class. 
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Recordings: Recordings of each class will be posted the next day and will be available for your Review for 4 weeks after the air date.

Your Instructor:

Your instructor, Gabriel Grammatidis, is a professional trader with more than 35 years of successful trading experience trading Forex, Futures, Cryptos, Stocks, and Options. He began investing as part of a school project, and before leaving grade school to attend college, he was already actively trading Options and a Commodity futures account (mid-80ties).
He earned international Masters’ degrees in several countries in both Economics and Business and went on to hold executive positions at both PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors - two world-class firms in Investment Management.

After working in the corporate world for more than a decade, he decided to take his passion for trading and personal development to the next level. In 2008, he enrolled in Van Tharp's original SuperTrader program under close personal supervision of Van Tharp. 2 years later Gabriel had graduated from the program that only a few traders in Van’s program had been able to achieve. Gabriel began professionally trading the Forex and Futures markets full-time.

Gabriel has a passion for teaching people and helping others in their trader development process. Over the years Gabriel has developed a very effective approach for traders to develop based on the principles of Deliberate Practice. Gabriel is known for developing trader talent through Workshops, Group Mentoring and Individual Coaching. His personal mission is to develop full-time traders within less than a year (which he regularly does).
Now, he’s ready to coach you to success in the Futures.

Born in Switzerland of Greek and German parents, Gabriel has always felt a natural attraction to the international nature of the currency markets. Growing up in Germany, he’s worked and traveled extensively outside the Eurozone. The 24/7, 365 Crypto market allows him to apply his systems to various timeframes (from very short-term to Weekly charts) at any time of the day that best fits his lifestyle.


You get Post-Workshop Instructor Support!

Approximately three weeks after the workshop, Gabriel will hold a Follow-Up Group Q&A Call to see where everybody stands, answer questions, offer support as needed. As well, he will provide very useful additional trading tools for you to use when starting to trade.

See List of valuable Bonus Add-ons that will be provided to you:

Gabriel’s Passion & Mission

Gabriel has a passion for his students to grow in trader development so they are able to trade the systems back home in a consistent way. He offers various degrees of mentoring support after each Workshop to reach this goal through Group Mentoring and Individual Coaching. Gabriel is known for developing trader talent by applying the concepts of Deliberate Practice. From his Workshops we regularly see successful traders emerge.

Gabriel’s Mission: Transform you into a consistent trader in less than a year!

Gabriel is a great example of how an experienced instructors is willing to help you make real progress on your journey to mastering the trading game. He truly wants you to succeed and so he is willing to offer ongoing support and encouragement.


James, Rui, Pan, Jules - Successful Forex Trader Examples

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.




If you are not completely satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you may request a full refund before the start of day two, no questions asked. We gladly take this risk at almost every workshop we offer, believing that the value we give you far exceeds the cost for you to be here.

What Van Tharp said about Gabriel’s Workshop:

With your registration today, you’ll begin the process of adopting the successful mental states, strategies, and beliefs necessary to trade the Crypto Markets. With Gabriel’s commitment to teaching, you will come away with the tools you need to trade this market and achieve the results you are striving for.

You will have a hands-on experience and dramatic advantage over other traders in this market. You’ll get more than strategies... you’ll work with a true mentor and fellow traders on your journey to trading mastery.
Take your trading to the next level!

Watch Gabriel’s Hommage to Van “The Work continues!”

To your success,
Dr. Van Tharp

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