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The 12 Key Success Factors Common to Trader Success

With more than 35 years of trading experience, I have had the privilege to teach & coach thousands of traders at the Van Tharp Institute. Some traders succeed quickly, some require a bit more time,

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Follow the Path of Least Regret

Having coached many traders over the years, one of the recipes for success is to follow the “path of least regret”. However, human nature struggles with that concept as we typically go for perfection

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The Social Impact of Trading – Top 10 conclusions

By Trader & Guest Writer: Petra Einwiller (London, UK) Trading is a fantastic but unusual business that comes with a lot of benefits and also with some downsides. When independent traders start their

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What Trader Type Are You?

Since 2011, I have been teaching Workshops at the Van Tharp Institute and have learned that the students come from very different walks of life. Naturally, they have different motivations for learning

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The Market Rewards You with BigRs, But…

You Cannot Control the Market The market gives & takes. And, we have little – I would even say – no control over that. Still, most traders are trying to do exactly that: trying to control the

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My Journey with Van Tharp & the Van Tharp Institute

During the 15+ years that I have known Van personally, a lot of things have changed in my life. As you likely know, the Van Tharp Institute stands for “personal transformation while using trading as

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Your Game, Your Rules – Winning Your Trading Game

We all play “Games” in different areas of our lives. There is the game at work that follows certain rules for moving up the career ladder. There is the education game we follow to earn good marks to

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Independent Trader: Three Keys to Reach Your Full Trader Potential

Whatever system or strategy you trade, you ultimately want to reach your full trader potential as an Independent Trader. What do I mean by that? An Independent Trader has transitioned along the steps of

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Trading Visual Price Patterns is a Bit Like Hunting for Fish

Trading for visual price patterns is a bit like hunting for fish. Sometimes the small fish come close to the beach – and at other times, you need to go out a bit deeper into the waters to find bigger

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How Your Learning Type Determines Success (Part II)

Over the last ten years or so, I have taught and coached several hundred traders through my workshops and coaching programs. It has been very interesting for me to observe different types of behaviors

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